About Me

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for checking out my website! If you happen to stumble upon my website you probably came from somewhere, if not probably, my Instagram monicaserendipityx3 where I post my bullet journaling spreads and mini skincare faves/reviews.

Let me get ahead, and introduce myself, my name is Monica. I’m twenty one years old. I’ve been with my boyfriend from high school to college, well it’s been a little over eight years by now and the love is still going strong. I’m half Chinese and Vietnamese is what I like to call myself because I speak a language that is not really common or heard of from many, Teochew. It’s a Chinese dialect. I studied Mandarin for four years throughout high school and passed the college exam for Mandarin. I guess you can say, I can speak Mandarin? I speak half Tewchew and half English with my parents but my parents speak Vietnamese to each other? The irony… my last name is Tran so many people think I’m Vietnamese but I don’t really consider myself Vietnamese since I can’t speak or write but I could fully understand it.

My ultimate guilty pleasure is watching Taiwanese dramas. Anyone out there watches it too? Everyone around me is obsessed with Korean dramas but I was never really into it, just because I don’t like reading the subtitles because then, you miss out on the action and everything with the actors. In a way, I started watching Taiwanese Drama when I was in middle school, my very first one that I’ve ever watched was Smiling Pasta starring Cyndi Wang and Nicholas Teo and I fell in love haha.

I started this blog on October 2017 of last year, and within a couple months it would be a year since I started blogging. I fell in love with Korean Beauty after reading  The Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho and evidently, ever since then I started to take action and take care of my skin with the 10 step method. Along the way, I found out that I love sheet masking and wanted to document and review sheet masks I’ve tested out along the way, as well as my current and updated skincare routine. My goal is to be consistent and post at least two-three times a week if possible, and because of your guys continuous support it keeps me going. Thank you guys ❤

p.s. not sure what else to write about myself… so we’ll leave it at that. if you guys have any questions or concern please feel free to email or dm me on Instagram.