Review: Holika Holika Avocado Pure Essence Mask Sheet

I bought this sheet mask along with the Dearpacker ones from Forever 21 online once I found out that they sold Korean sheet masks on their website. I was only able to pick up three of the Holika Holika ones that they had sold. I think there is probably more masks from this line somewhere but I haven’t really looked into it. Three or more is usually, a good indicator for me on whether or not I like the brand.

Anyways, I decided to go with this Avocado one this morning since it claims to nourish and firm the skin. The mask is really thin so you gotta be careful not to unfold it too quickly or it most likely will cause some tears. It’s literally a sheet mask that will adhere to your skin really well since it’s so thin and skin like. I usually, prefer these type of sheet masks since I know it won’t move around while I’m doing errands around the house. The scent doesn’t really smell like Avocados to me, more like a sweet artificial scent of some sort though. I like that it’s heavily drenched in essence and the pull apart tab is innovative compared to just tearing the packaging just to get the sheet mask out. I left it on for about twenty minutes before removing it off of my face. I rubbed the excess essence into my face and still had hella essence on my face so I rubbed it down my neck, arms, and legs lol. I really enjoyed this one.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.