Monthly Empties: February 2018

I was doing good with my blog until winter break ended and honestly, I didn’t have any empties during the month of January. But as you can tell, during the month of February I hit some empties and I’m proud of it. Let’s get started shall we?

❤ – like, 🙄 – eh, & 👎🏻 – dislike

1. SKIN FOOD rice mask wash off my very first wash off mask ever but honestly, I barely used it as a wash off mask. I enjoyed using this as a mild exfoliator for my dry to normal skin. I loved that it left my skin dewy, smooth, and smelling great after each use. I love that the rice is so finely milled that it doesn’t hurt when I rub it into my skin. Unlike, the black sugar mask which is more harsh for my skin but adding water to it, to exfoliate the skin doesn’t make it so bad. I will definitely repurchase this after I go through the rest of my exfoliators. ❤

2. Boscia sake cleansing water no-rinse makeup remover and cleanser. I got this from my purchase of the Sephora Favorites Soko To Tokyo kit awhile back. I pretty much used this cleanser as a pre-cleanse with a cotton pad before my double cleanse. The only downside about this product is the squirting sometimes, if I applied too much pressure it would kind of dispense the product not onto the cotton pad but onto the bottom surface of the pump. I felt like it wasted product every now and then. I don’t think I would be repurchasing this as I didn’t use it as a no-rinse makeup remover but instead using it as a pre-cleanse product. Plus, it’s kind of expensive and I feel like there might be better alternatives out there. 🙄

3. Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel, an interesting product that is great for all skin types. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this when we used this cleanser. It leaves the skin super soft, clean, and well it smells kind of fruity and I love it. It’s super gentle on the skin and I love that. I also love that it doesn’t dry out the skin like other cleansers does. My boyfriend and I both have dry skin especially during the winter months and this leaves our skin hydrated. I definitely plan on purchasing the full size once I use up all my other cleansers. ❤

4. Avene hydrance serum I received this sample from my one month subscription to Birchbox awhile back. This is a great hydrating serum that I liked to use during my morning skincare routine. In my opinion, it’s quite comparable to the first aid beauty serum I emptied awhile back just this one isn’t translucent it’s more of a milky consistency whereas the first aid beauty one was more like a watery consistency but both did the job at hydrating my skin. I plan to repurchase this after finishing up my new serum I’m using at the moment.  ❤

5. Olay regenerist luminous toning perfecting cream moisturizer I received many samples of this from Ulta awhile back and haven’t had the time to use it till this month literally. I used this on a burn that I got and haven’t even noticed till later when it got darker. It honestly, helped heal my burn back to almost my normal skin. I’m pretty sure it’ll work great as a moisturizer but for me, I used it on my hands and it smelled delightful. I probably won’t purchase this just because I have so many other moisturizers I have to get through first. However, I did enjoy the sample while it lasted.❤

6. Clinque moisture surge a sample, once again from Ulta. I mean I thought it was okay. I feel like there are other moistruizers out there that are better but that’s just my opinion. I have a couple of these deluxe sample sizes to get through as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of it but it did it’s purpose as a moisturizer I guess. I probably won’t repurchase this. 🙄

7. Loreal hydra-genius normal/dry skin, I thought it was okay I wasn’t really a big fan of the scent on this moisturizer. It did it’s job as a moisturizer.. but I don’t think I’ll repurchase this product either just because as the reasons stated above. 🙄

8. Garnier moisture bomb again, I thought it was okay as a moisturizer I feel like the clinique, loreal, and this all felt similar. Probably, won’t repurchase either. 🙄

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are myown.