Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Rice

I finally came to an end on my Innisfree sheet mask journey ha. I thought I had the entire collection but sadly, I am missing the Cucumber and Kiwi one from this line but I will have to repurchase once I finish my stash of sheet masks. The scent of this mask reminds me very well of the Skinfood rice wash off mask and I enjoy the scent of that product. Anyways, this was a cotton sheet mask drenched in a milky essence that adheres to the skin very well. The sheet mask claims to help dull skin to look clear and bright. I left this sheet mask on for a little over twenty minutes and then took it off. My skin was very well hydrated. I let the excess essence absorb into my skin since it wasn’t a lot since I left the mask on my skin a bit longer than usual. I find that it did leave my skin looking bright.

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Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Rose

Since I decided to use an Innisfree mask this morning I wanted to continue the trend of using one tonight in my nighttime skincare routine. I usually post my doublefisting together but find that I like posting it separate so that I get my posts out faster than waiting to post two sheet mask reviews in one. I don’t know if that even make sense but it makes my blog look a lot cleaner in my opinion.

Ha, anyways, this rose sheet mask wasn’t to heavily scented for my taste which is good because floral things that are usually heavily scented aren’t really my thing. My nose wouldn’t be able to tolerate the scent for too long. After my double cleanse and toner I placed this sheet mask onto my face and it was just as cooling as any of the other Innisfree sheet mask. It smelled delightful. The mask claims to leave skin looking smooth and radiant and it lives up to those claims. I left it on for about fifteen minutes before taking it off, and rubbed the excess essence into my skin. I noticed that after maybe an hour or so my skin was definitely dewy and glowing.

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Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Aloe

I woke up quite early for no apparent reason and couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to go ahead and get my day started earlier than later. I decided to try out the Aloe version from Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask line since I had some slightly small dry patches around my cheeks and nose. It claims to moisturize and refresh tired skin. I did my normal double cleanse and then toner routine before taking this sheet mask out of it’s packaging. It was drenched in essence that smelled very like aloe, and it felt cooling on the skin. I left it on for about fifteen to twenty minutes going about my day doing journaling and watching videos before taking it off. I rubbed the excess essence into my skin and noticed it was very dewy and shiny. My dry patches were still a bit visible but wasn’t as visible as it was before. My face felt a bit tacky but that doesn’t bother me since it usually go away after I do the rest of my routine.

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Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Pomegranate

I cleansed and toned and today I decided to use this Innisfree sheet mask in Pomegranate because it claims to leave skin supple and firm. I took the sheet mask out of it’s packaging and found it to be drenched in essence as usual. It smelled fantastic and it felt so nice on my skin. It was definitely cooling even though I don’t usually put my sheet masks in the fridge since I love it at room temperature during the colder months but the summer is where I put my sheet masks in the fridge. I left it on my face for a little bit over twenty minutes and took the sheet mask off. I found that I didn’t really need to rub the essence into my skin since it absorbed itself. However, it is quite tacky and sticky once it fully absorbs into the skin. I find it to be a bit sticky when it comes to their fruity sheet masks but it doesn’t really bother me.

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Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Manuka Honey

Today, I chose the Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask in manuka honey because I had some dry patches on the face. This mask claims that the honey will moisture dry and stiff skin for a dewy look. It smelled amazing once I took it out of the packaging… I mean it smells like honey, who doesn’t love the smell of honey? I was amazed that it wasn’t sticky because I thought the sheet mask would be extremely sticky because honey is sticky. The sheet mask was thinner than the shea butter one and more transparent but again, was packed with essence. After cleansing and toning I placed this sheet mask onto my face and waited a little over twenty minutes until the sheet mask was completely dry, then I took if off. I rubbed the excess essence into my skin and it absorbed it up right away. My skin feels super smoothy and hydrated as well as the dry patches are well moisturized.

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Monthly Empties: December 2017


❤ – like, 🙄 – eh, & 👎🏻 – dislike

1. H20 plus elements keep it fresh cleanser I used it all up after a couple days of posting my My 10-step korean skincare It lasted me awhile considering it was only 2 fl oz. I enjoyed this product a lot and will definitely be repurchasing after I use up most of my deluxe sample / full size cleansers. ❤️

2. SK-II facial treatment essence was mentioned in my previous post. I loved it I really did but for the price I think there are other great essences out there for a much cheaper alternative. Since this was my only essence that I have had I decided to purchase the COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence because I’ve heard great things about this essence because of Joan Kim. She’s literally my favorite beauty/vlogger on youtube when it comes to korean skincare. ❤️

3. First aid beauty ultra repair hydrating serum was also mentioned in my last post too. I really enjoyed this serum when it came to hydrating my dry patches that I get around my eyes and nose especially when it comes to winter. I just love that it keeps my skin hydrated and not oily. Also, compared to my November Empties 2017 when I was using the murad serum I like this one much better just because it didn’t feel tacky on the face or anything. However, it does feel sticky once its on your hand but that disappears within a couple minutes. ❤️

4. First aid beauty ultra repair cream in the scent pink grapefruit do I need to say anything more about this product other than that it’s my favorite cream for my body. It helps with my eczema on my elbows and under my knee where it is usually itchy during the cold winter months. I also love that there is so much use for it other than just eczema and hydrating. It also helps with bug bite? Which is pretty interesting in my opinion. Overall, I love this cream and will continue to repurchase over and over. ❤️

5. It cosmetics confidence in an eye cream (3x) sample packets this eye cream did the job but I didn’t really notice anything different other than it is moisturizing. I still have two deluxe size samples of this product but I don’t think it would be a repurchase for me since it is expensive but not quite expensive as my Murad one that I had bought. 🙄

6. Sheet masks empties. I mentioned quite a few of the Innisfree sheet masks in a few blog posts back if you want to give it a read (:  so I won’t be talking much about it since it’ll be repetitive and I’ll probably bored you to death ha. I enjoyed the many Innisfree sheet masks I’ve tried as well as the one Leaders mask.

*I’ll make sure to post a picture showing the variety of sheet masks I’ve used next month compared to posting a picture with all my empties in a ziplock bag. I totally forgot to take them out of the bag and just took a quick snapshot.

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Skincare: 10-step routine

1. Oil Cleanser: Skinfood Black Sugar Perfecting Cleansing Oil 

I love the consistency of it (thin and not sticky), feels like water at first when it’s on your hands but when you start rubbing it onto your face it gets super oily and it helps get rid of makeup and even some waterproof makeup such as eyeliner. However, I have normal to dry skin so my dry skin kind of soaks the oil up so I use two pumps of it for my entire face and neck. It gets the job done and you get so much of it. It’s a must have because the scent smells amazing too. I also love that when you wash it off, it feels like your washing soap off of your face because of the milky consistency it gives off.

2. Water Cleanser: H20 Plus Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser

I’ve used water cleansers before but never religiously like I’ve been the past couple weeks. I received this from one of my ipsy’s bag awhile back and decided to give it a try. The consistency is lightweight and not sticky and once you apply it onto the face it has a cooling sensation. Once you rinse it off the face, it’s sort of foaming but not quite there yet but it’s a wonderful clean feeling on the face and it leaves your face smelling fresh and clean.

3. Exfoliator: Skinfood Wash Off Rice Mask

I know this is suppose to be a wash off mask but I use this as an exfoliator as well. I also have the black sugar wash off mask, and the strawberry black sugar wash off mask as well and I use both of those as exfoliators instead of a wash off mask. Anyways, this wash off mask/exfoliator is really gentle and amazing on the face. It makes my complexion brighter and more supple and firm. The scent it leaves on your face smells divine.

4. Toner: Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free Toner Rose Petal

You all know how much I love this toner hence my November Empties 2017 with my mini red that after I finished it up. I went ahead and repurchased it in the bigger size. I always love buying the travel size products or receiving samples of stuff that I can test out for a couple of days or even weeks so I know what kind of product work and don’t work for me. This is a very good and gentle toner that smells like roses what’s better than that?

5. Essence: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

I received this in the Soko to Tokyo Soko to Tokyo kit from one of the Sephora’s favorites. I don’t think it’s sold in Sephora anymore but in the kit it included this essence. I believe the kit was around $40 but I bought it straight from Dote. Dote Shopping app is in the app store for apple users and you can receive $5 off your very first purchase along with free shipping! Use code: MV9S 

This is my first essence and it’s wonderful in my opinion, it works wonders and it smells great. It’s lightweight to the point where you can layer it as many time as you want but usually I layer it and pat it onto my face about two times. However, it’s quite expensive for what it is and there are more affordable options out there. Once I finish this baby up, I’ll be trying out a new essence.

6. Sheet Mask: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Kiwi

I had a big LOVE for sheet masks. Honestly, today I used a innisfree sheet mask but it depends. My sheet mask varies when it comes to targeting different things such as brightening, firming, moisturizing, skin problems, and etc. Today I wanted to brighten up my skin so I used this sheet mask but sheet masks varies all the time for me. This kiwi scent smelled amazing and was super hydrating.

7. Serum: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum

I received this serum from the Ready. Set. Hydrate! Kit I bought at Ulta and the serum itself is super hydrating on the skin and it left a cooling sensation on my skin. It doesn’t really quite smell like anything to me but maybe like a clean smelling scent is how I would describe it. I think I have one or two more uses out of this and I will be finished with this product sooner than later. I plan on repurchasing because it leaves my skin super hydrated. Despite, the stickiness it leaves on the hand I can look past it because I love what it does for my skin.

8. Eye Cream: Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream

I fell in the trap of buying an expensive eye cream… I mean it gets the job done but I feel like all it does so far for my skin is moisturizing and I haven’t really noticed a difference in the appearance of my wrinkles or anything on my eyes. Once I finish this product, I don’t think I’ll repurchase this anytime soon because I feel like there are better options out there for a much more affordable price as well.

9. Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer

I initially bought the Ready. Set Hydrate! Kit from Ulta because I wanted this face moisturizer in particular but discovered amazing hidden gems as well. I bought it during one of their 21 days of beauty event a while back for around $22 I believe. I love how lightweight the moisturizer is on my face and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. My skin soaks up the moisturizer real fast and it leaves the skin super hydrated.

10. Sunscreen: Missha Mild Essence Sun Milk SPF 50

I never ever really wear sunscreen but I started to wear it right after reading The Little Book of Skincare 1st Ed. By Charlotte Cho and realized the importance of sunscreen so I bought this sunscreen and I’ve been using it daily ever since on my face and on the rest of my body. I’ve been enjoying the light weight feeling of it on my skin and the scent is kind of overpowering for my liking but it’s been good overall.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. However, the dote code is my referral code so thank you in advance if you end up using it (:

Doublefisting Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea and Tea Tree

I used the green tea one in the morning and it was super moisturizing for my skin since I need that moisture since my skin tend to be dry in the morning even with all my skincare steps during the night. It’s been in the low thirties over here so the heat at home been going on and off every few minutes. It smells exactly like green tea and is filled with essence. I love that it left my skin dewy throughout the morning even when I rubbed the excess essence into my skin.

I decided to use the tea tree one during my nighttime routine because throughout the day I don’t know why a pimple just decided to show up out of no where it’s visible but it’s not super big or anything. I took out the sheet mask after my cleansing and toning and placed it on my face ASAP lol. I chose this particular sheet mask for the night because it claims to help with the appearance of skin problems and also keeping the face moisturized. I noticed it helped a bit by making it less visible but my pimple was still there nonetheless but I’m sure if I were to keep using this sheet mask a couple more times I’ll see results immediately.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.

Doublefisting Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Bamboo and Lime

Third time, second day of #doublefisting two sheet masks a day… I decided to try out the Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask bamboo and lime this time around since both sounded promising to me.

The bamboo one claimed to keep the skin moisturize and give off a dewy look while the lime claimed to leave the skin looking bright and clear. Similar statements but said in a different way. I found both of this sheet mask to be pretty similar to one another hence the statements.

The only differences between the two is pretty much the scent of them. I never really familiarize myself with the scent of bamboo so it was interesting that it’s in a sheet mask and the lime one smelled like lemonade to me so I enjoyed that a lot.

I did the bamboo one during my morning skincare routine and the lime during my nighttime routine. Both masks were left on for about twenty minutes and then were removed and as the instructions states to pat the excess essence into the skin and I did and noticed my skin looking dewy and bright.

To be honest, I wasn’t that excited to try the lime mask because I thought it would leave a sticky residue onto my skin but surprisingly it didn’t so I was extremely happy about that. All in all, they were both amazing masks. And if you haven’t already please give Innisfree sheet masks a try! I am definitely enjoying them so far.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.

Doublefisting Review: Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Strawberry and Bija

I’ve been pretty occupied with college apps and spending time with my family and relatives that I haven’t had time to test out the method of doing two sheet masks a day to notice any differences. Today is my second time #doublefisting and again with the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze masks line since I have a variety with different treatments for the face. And I love that I have different ones to try out each time considering that they are affordable and use natural ingredients. I just love that it’s simple and good for the face.

For the AM, I used the Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask strawberry after my double cleanse and toner. I noticed that this sheet was different than the other ones that’s I’ve tried because the sheet was thinner versus the thicker sheet like the shea butter one. Again, the sheet was drenched in essence and it smelled so amazing because who doesn’t love strawberries scented things. I loved that my face smelled like strawberry even after taking the sheet mask off. It made my skin super soft and noticeably brighter after thirty minutes of rubbing the excess essence into my skin. I noticed I’m a fan of berries one versus other masks so far from Innisfree but that’s just my preferences others could beg to differ.

For the PM, I received the Innisfree it’s real squeeze mask bija in the mail because I emailed the customer service sometime last week about missing these sheets in my order and they replied back stating that they’ll send them to me as soon as possible and it was super quick delivery considering they are from New York. I’m impressed and will continue ordering from Masksheets. I’ve talked about them in my previous posts since I ordered plenty of sheet masks that will probably last me for awhile. Anyways, I loved the idea that this sheet stood out to me compared to other Innisfree masks because it’s job is to clear up skin due to skin problems such as pimples and what not which is a plus in my book.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.