Review: BioRepublic Skincare Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Mask

I just wanted to say I picked up this sheet mask (set of three) at my local Marshalls / TJ MAXX for $3.99 when this set retails for $14.95 alone on their website. So if you happen to be a skincare / sheet mask junkie like me, go check out your local Marshalls / TJ MAXX to see if they have them. Mine had a couple of these laying around and the best part is that they don’t expire till 2020 well, for me at least. You are saving yourself $10.96 if you were to get these online instead. If you were to buy one it would be $4.99 so getting three at $3.99 is a deal you can’t pass on!

I decided to use this sheet mask today, but I did something different. Instead of my usual double cleanse and then toner, I literally did all my skincare routine steps and stopped after applying my serum. I then, placed this sheet mask onto my face. I love the smell of the green tea it just smells heavenly to me. The sheet mask was heavily saturated with essence so that’s a plus and it adhere onto the skin very well too. However, I did find that you have to be super careful with this sheet mask or you’ll end up ripping it. It’s much more delicate than other sheet masks I’ve tried out there for sure. I left it on for about twenty minutes before taking it off and it did wonders for my skin. It hydrated my skin, although it did claim to remove excess sebum but I didn’t really notice anything. But my skin felt super clean and hydrated and that’s what I usually look for in a sheet mask.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.