Review: I Dew Care Un-wind De-Stressing Mugwort Leaf Mask

 This mask claims to reduce the appearance of blemishes and calms stressed and sensitive skin. I woke up this morning and noticed a few more blemishes because of ‘TOM’ or whenever I’m close to it, I start getting blemishes on my face. I chose this mask to de-stress those blemishes. I did my regular double cleanse and instead of just following with toner afterwards. I actually went with my skincare routine up until I applied serum onto my face. After that, I took this sheet mask off and applied it straight onto my face. Drenched in essence like the other masks, smells a bit odd but not bad since it was mugwort leaf and same eucalyptus fiber mask. I left the mask on for about twenty minutes before removing it. I noticed my skin was hydrated but not hydrated as the Morning Dew one which sole purpose was to hydrate the skin. This mask did reduce the appearance of my pimples so that was a major plus. It wasn’t tacky to me either which I prefer so that was good.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and the “Memebox I Dew Care Lets Get Sheet Faced Masks Set” was gifted to me as a birthday present from my best friend. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.